Haemostatic Powder

Absorbable Haemostatic Powder

is a clinically proven CE certified class III medical device that can be used to achieve rapid haemostasis for profuse and diffuse bleedings – even in difficult to reach surgical sites and regions. The modified Gelatine based, absorbable, natural polymer particulate powder accelerates the clotting process to achieve haemostasis quickly and effectively in minutes.

Key Benefits

Natural, safe & biocompatible with inherent procoagulant activity
Easy to apply to large areas and irregular surfaces
Stops bleeding effectively with significantly faster time to haemostasis than MPH powder
Does not leave voids between clot material and tissue surfaces
Better mechanical integrity to the clot providing more fibrin matrix within clots
Better blood absorption capacity than MPH powder with significantly lower chances of rebleeding
Made from 100% pharmaceutical Gelatin
pH-neutral can be combined with drugs as indicated
Fast, complete resorption
Indicated for general use for capillary, venous and arteriolar bleeding
No risk of encapsulation and overdosage
Can be used in patients with anticoagulant therapy
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